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Customs & Duty Guide

All good imported into the Turks and Caicos Islands are subject to both customs tariffs as well as a customs processing fee. The customs tariffs vary depending on the item being imported and range from 0% (duty free) to 65%. The current customs processing fee is 7% and is levied on the total of the good being imported regardless of their customs tariff (this includes duty free goods).

Duty is collected at the point of entry and no goods are released until all duties levied are paid in full to the Customs Department.Many goods required for in the field of construction carry the duty rate of 10%. This is to encourage building and development in the islands.

Several items considered green also carry lower duty rates, such as Energy star rated appliances and solar water heaters.  (Encourage a ‘greener’ economy by reducing tariff on energy related products, while simultaneously increasing the rates of duty on those items which contribute to damaging the environment. Or Reductions in rates of duty on energy saving products to encourage a ‘greener’ economy)

Luxury items such as wines, beers, spirits and tobacco goods carry the highest duty rates.

Imposition of higher rates of duty on ‘luxury’ items such as high powered, gas guzzling, motor vehicles, boats, etc

Crown Land Policy

Crown Land Inventory maps are available for the islands of Grand Turk and Providenciales, South Caicos, Middle Caicos, North Caicos, East Caicos, West Caicos and Salt Cay. The maps show remaining Crown land that could potentially be used for development in the future, subject to planning considerations and further technical assessments. The maps exclude areas within Protected Areas and areas of land that are particularly low lying and prone to flooding.

Crown Land Register

The fees apply to various Crown lands administrative transactions, including application for lease, licence and easement over Crown land, surrender of lease, and other charges. The fees are established to recover the Department's administrative costs of processing various transactions.


Tourism development; including hotel, golf course, etc. $1,000.00
Marina. $1,000.00
Mining $500.00
General industrial $500.00
Communication site $500.00
Commercial recreation $250.00
General commercial; excluding hotel, marina or golf course $250.00
Public utilities $250.00
Residential $100.00
Agricultural $100.00
Institutional/Community $250.00



Extension/conversion/surrender of a conditional purchase lease $100.00
Surrender of a lease (other than a conditional purchase lease) $50.00
Grant of an easement $100.00
Extinguishment of an easement $50.00
Copy of record held by the Crown Land Unit (per page) $10.00